Tasty sardines

Our sardines are tasty, high in protein and low in saturated fat.
The tinned sardines "Perl" are made from fresh sardines, caught in the Adriatic waters that sorround Dugi otok.

Anchovies production

The anchovies are bought, salted and prepared during the summer months. Regardless of the type used, preserving anchovies in salt uses a time-honored technique to deliver that distinctive flavor. Time is critical for the preservation of the flavor and so processing must begin shortly after the fish are caught. Anchovies are cleaned and washed in salted brine, then allowed to dry. The fish is then layered into large round tins according to the size, with each layer receiving a specific amount of sea salt. These tins are then piled high into what are called seasoning towers to allow the anchovies to cure for up to two months. These towers are topped with weights, compressing the fish and removing excess fluids and fat. Once the specified curing time is over the tins are sealed and prepared for shipping.
Making healthy choices for your diet can be as easy as selecting fish and seafood more often from the menu. Seafood is not only high in protein, but has much less saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken, beef or pork. In addition, most seafoods contain omega-3 fatty acids, the polyunsaturated fats that have been linked to numerous health benefits. Their effects have been widely studied and the list of potential health benefits is long and varied.

New products

We are developing also a new line of marinated anchovies and sardines, prepared according to antique recipes, that is currently being put on trial and adjusted to modern food production systems.

Everything under control

The good and constant relationship with the fishing boats' crew enables an accurate selection of the fish and a careful control on fishing procedures. The production organizers control srtrictly the food-processing during all it's phases, from the choice and the acceptance to the packing. Everything is accurately monitored and undergoes to HACCP control to guarantee only high-quality products.