Our sardines are tasty, high in protein and low in saturated fat. They are made from fresh and frozen sardines, caught in the Adriatic waters that surround Dugi otok.


The fish is carefully selected, in order to fulfill the requests of high-quality market, since the rest of the market is saturated with low-price&low-quality tuna. We offer tuna fillets in oil, tuna fillets in water (the only ones on Croatian market) and tuna with vegetables.


As sardines, mackerels are exclusively from domestic catch (the area of catch is highlighted on the back side of the package). Except the mackerel fillets, we are very proud of our recipe for mackerel with vegetables, a unique combination of pepper, carrot and spices which is strictly kept secret.

Salt anchovies

Salt anchovies are produced from fresh fish and being cleaned from inedible parts. They're being salted, filtered, rinsed and squashed. We put them in jar and add oil. Jars are being vacuumed, washed and at the end we put labels on them.